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You should sk mdical advic in lation tmdicins and us only as dictd by a halthca possional.

ACIVI Cam is indicatd th tatmnt cunt hps labialis (cold sos) in adults and adolscnts (12 yas ag and old).

Oth mdicins containing th sam activ ingdints: aciclovi Can I tak Acivi in spot? ind out on th ASADA wbsit Gnic mdicins vs. band-nam mdicins Back ttopback ttop.

ACIVI Cam should b applid 5 tims p day 4 days. Thapy should b initiatd as aly as possibl ollowing onst signs and symptoms (i.. duing th podom whn lsions appa). adolscnts 12 yas ag and old, th dosag is th sam as in adults.

Oth mdicins containing th sam activ ingdints: aciclovi Can I tak Acivi in spot? ind out on th ASADA wbsit Gnic mdicins vs. band-nam mdicins Back ttopback ttop.

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