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Aldactone can cause elevation of blood digoxin lanoxin to toxic levels, requiring adjustment of the digoxin dosage.

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Ssntial hyptnsion; odmatous disods such as odma and ascits congstiv cadiac ailu, cihosis th liv, nphotic syndom; diagnosis and tatmnt pimay hypaldostonism; as adjunctiv thapy in malignant hyptnsion; in diutic inducd hypokalamia whn oth masus a considd inappopiat inadquat; pophylaxis hypokalamia in patints taking digitalis whn oth masus a considd inadquat inappopiat, hisutism. ssntial Hyptnsion: ALDACTON, whn usd alon, is ctiv in lowing both systolic and diastolic blood pssu. ALDACTON impovs th hypotnsiv action thiazid diutics whil at th sam tim ducing pvnting potassium loss du tth thiazid. ALDACTON nhancs th ctivnss oth antihyptnsiv agnts such as bta blocks, vasodilatos tc. Congstiv Cadiac ailu: ALDACTON, whn usd alon, is ctiv in th managmnt odma and sodium tntion associatd with congstiv cadiac ailu. ALDACTON may b usd in combination with a thiazid oth convntional diutics achiving diusis in patints whos odma is sistant ta thiazid oth convntional diutics. Unlik convntional diutics ALDACTON dos not poduc hypokalamia. Whn administd with a thiazid oth convntional diutics ALDACTON osts hypokalamia inducd by ths diutics. Th pvntion potassium loss is paticulaly impotant in th tatmnt digitalizd patints sinc digitalis intoxication may b pcipitatd i hypokalamia is inducd by convntional diutic thapy. Hpatic Cihosis with Ascits and Odma: ALDACTON whn usd alon is quntly adquat th li ascits and odma associatd with hpatic cihosis. ALDACTON povids a mild and vn diusis and pvnts xcssiv potassium xction causd by thiazid diutics thus avoiding possibl pcipitation hpatic coma. Nphotic Syndom : Although glucocoticoids, whos anti inlammatoy activity appas tbnit th pimay pathologic pocss in th nal glomulus, should pobably b mployd ist, ALDACTON ith alon in combination with a convntional diutic is usul inducing diusis. Pimay Hypaldostonism: ALDACTON may b usd tstablish th diagnosis pimay hypaldostonism by thaputic tial. ALDACTON may alsb usd th shot tm p opativ tatmnt patints with pimay hypaldostonism, long tm maintnanc thapy patints with disct aldoston poducing adnal adnomas wha judgd tb poopativ isks (whdclin sugy), and th long tm maintnanc thapy patints with bilatal micmaconodula adnal hypplasia (idiopathic hypaldostonism). Hisutism in mals: ALDACTON is ctiv in th tatmnt mals with hisutism, an andogn latd incas in acial and body hai. A duction in hai gowth, hai shat diamt and hai pigmntation is sn. Us Aldacton should b considd only at all oth altnativs non dug thapy hav bn xplod. womn child baing ag, s CONTAINDICATIONS and PCAUTIONS, Us in Pgnancy.

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aldactone may also be given with diuretics that act more proximally in the renal tubule or with other antihypertensive agents.

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