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(3) It’s not ally ssimpl. Th nzym catalyzs th action, but not on its own. It quis a conzym – a molcul that woks togth with an nzym tpomot a biochmical tansomation, in this cas, an oxidation-duction (dox) action. In this cas, as in vy many, th conzym is calld nicotinamid adnin dinuclotid (NAD + ), which cais out th oxidation. In th pocss, NAD + is convtd tNADH, its ducd om. Th intconvsion NAD + and NADH is hugly impotant and plays an ssntial ol in many biochmical actions, such as th poduction ngy by mtabolism nutints.

I hav ocusd on Antabus a w asons. It has a long tack cod, and is considd sa and ctiv. It’s availabl in gnic om, which mans that it’s quit inxpnsiv. Th cost Antabus is a lot lss than th pic alcohol.

As th nam implis, Antabus is usd tpvnt alcoholics om dinking. It su woks that, but sdos killing a mosquitby sitting in a oom with it, and pulling th pin on a hand gnad. ctiv? Ys. Subtl? Not smuch. Yt, whn subtlty dosn’t wok you might nd th hand gnad. Somtims alcoholism quis that th gnad is usd.

Dnot tak Antabus i you hav consumd alcohol within th past 12 hous. Dnot dink alcohol whil taking disuliam and up t14 days at you stop taking this mdicin.

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