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Styplon hemostatic property controls local tissue hemorrhage effectively The natural ingredients are also vasoconstrictorswhich stops capillary blood flow DemulcentStyplon cost of generic viagra in canada. contains herbs which are demulcent Demulcent herbs have a high content of mucilagewhich soothes and protects irritated or inflamed internal tissues It also helps heal the wounds more quickly.

Oxidative stress causes tissue injurywhich can result in hemorrhage Styplon contains natural antioxidants that correct local tissue oxidative damage IndicationsBleeding gums Bleeding hemorrhoidspainfulswollen veins towards the end of the rectum or anusEpistaxisnosebleedIn gynecological bleeding conditionswhich include abnormal uterine bleedingspottingpost intrauterine contraceptive deviceIUCDbleeding Hematuriapresence of blood in urineAs an adjuvant in hemoptysisblood-stained sputumKey ingredientsAyurveda texts and modern research back the following facts:

Silk Cotton TreeShalmaliis effective in controlling haemorrhage in the body.

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