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As in the case of hip fractures buy generic anafranil 75mg line, rehabilitation ages of 60 and 69 years, with as many as 40,000 to 50,000 should begin before the surgical procedure.

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B caul whn dinking alcohol taking pain livs, slping tablts antihistamins (mdicins colds allgis such as hay v) whil you a taking Anaanil.

Dnot us Anaanil i you hav usd an MAO inhibitin th past 14 days. A dangous dug intaction could occu. MAO inhibitos includ isocaboxazid, linzolid, mthyln blu injction, phnlzin, asagilin, slgilin, tanylcypomin, and oths.

I you a taking any ths mdications, spak with you doctphamacist. Dpnding on you spciic cicumstancs, you doctmay want you to:

Symptoms such as ths may b associatd with an incasd isk suicidal thinking and bhaviou and must b takn siously.

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