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Patient advice This drug frequently causes drowsinesspatients should not drive a car or operate machinery or other potentially dangerous activities until it is determined how this drug affects their mental and/or motor performancePatients should be instructed to report episodes of sudden onset of sleepnew or worsening dyskinesianew or worsening compulsive behaviors and/or unusual urgesPatients should be instructed to report changes in the sizeshapeor color of moles on their skin and should have their skin checked on a regular basis for melanomasPatients should be aware that this drug may cause orthostatic blood pressure changes including fainting best ed drug. and dizziness and patients should be advised to avoid standing rapidly after sitting or lying downPatients should speak to their physician or health care provider if they become pregnantintend to become pregnantor are breastfeeding.

CommentsTake 1 to 3 hours before bedtimeIn clinical trialsthis drug was not tapered prior to discontinuation.

General If significant interruption to therapy occursthis drug should be retitratedParkinson’s DiseaseThis product should be tapered before discontinuationRestless Legs SyndromeThis drug was not tapered to discontinuation during clinical trials.

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