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Confido works by using smart contracts with a unique shipment tracking featureWhen a new transaction is made by a userConfido will generate a smart contract using a secure smart contract template and the data entered by the userThat smart contract will act as the escrow between buyer and sellerOnce the funds have been received by the smart contract the seller is prompted to submit a shipment tracking code to the smart contractwhich is all done inside the appOur smart contract will continuously track the delivery status of the package and will release the funds 24 hours after the package has been deliveredIn case of a wrong or faulty product the buyer can put the transaction on hold.

You will receive immediate results alongside with nutritional advice that takes into consideration your metabolic rate and activity levelsYou will also receive an overview of the state of your muscle masstotal body waterand a summary of your physical health with personalised recommendations to improve your health.

A member of Confido’s support teamwho claims to have been leftin the darktook to reddit to pledge that he would continue his efforts to keep the community apprised of developments to the storyThis individual did not immediately reply to an ETHNews request for comment.

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