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BackgroundPatients with diabetes frequently use complimentary and alternative medications including Ayurvedic medications and hence it is important to determine their efficacy and safety.

OverallDiabecon is proven safe and useful to almost all individualsWhen used as an adjuvant in IDDM and NIDDMit is recommended to titrate the dose of insulin and oral anti-diabetic under the supervision of a health professionalSpecial caution must be given to children however and it should be kept out of reach at all timesThere are no reported side effects as well but people are advised to take it with an empty stomach for full effectivenessThere are no known drug or food interactions as well.

Effect of Diabecon on sugar-induced lens opacity in organ culturemechanism of action.

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diabecon adalah suplemen herbal formula kompleks menawarkan kendali glikemik lembut dan aman.

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