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Information about Toradol.

Read on to learn the uses and dangers of Toradol and how to take it correctly.

Toradol may also cause stomach or intestinal bleedingwhich can be fatalThese conditions can occur without warning while you are using Toradolespecially in older adults.

Using Toradol during the last 3 months of pregnancy may harm the unborn babyKetorolac may also increase the risk of uterine bleeding and is not for use during labor and deliveryTell your doctor if you are pregnant.

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certain medicines can increase your risk of bleeding while you are using heparin, such as aspirin or other nsaids non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen advil, motrin , naproxen aleve, naprosyn, naprelan, treximet , celecoxib celebrex , diclofenac arthrotec, cambia, cataflam, voltaren, flector patch, pennsaid, solareze , indomethacin indocin , meloxicam mobic , ketoprofen orudis , ketorolac toradol , mefenamic acid ponstel , nabumetone relafen , piroxicam feldene , and others.

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