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This section provides specific dosing recommendations for patients older than 12 years and patients aged 2 to 12 yearsWithin each of these age-groupsspecific dosing recommendations are provided depending upon concomitant AEDs or other concomitant medicationssee Table 1 for patients older than 12 years and Table 2 for patients aged 2 to 12 yearsA weight-based dosing guide for onliepharmacy. patients aged 2 to 12 years on concomitant valproate is provided in Table 3.

Before taking lamotriginetell your doctor if you have kidney or liver diseasea history of depression or suicidal thoughtsor if you are allergic to other seizure medications.

Anyone who has experienced two or more episodes of bipolar disorder generally is considered to have lifelong bipolar disorderwhere the goal focuses not only on treating current symptoms but also preventing future episodesThat person should have maintenance therapyOnce your doctor has helped stabilize the moods of the acute phase of the disordereither a manic or depressive episodedrug therapy is continued indefinitely sometimes at lower doses.

It is recommended that LAMICTAL not be restarted in patients who discontinued due to rash associated with prior treatment with lamotrigine unless the potential benefits clearly outweigh the risksIf the decision is made to restart a patient who has discontinued LAMICTALthe need to restart with the initial dosing recommendations should be assessedThe greater the interval of time since the previous dosethe greater consideration should be given to restarting with the initial dosing recommendationsIf a patient has discontinued lamotrigine for a period of more than 5 half-livesit is recommended that initial dosing recommendations and guidelines be followedThe half-life of lamotrigine is affected by other concomitant medicationssee CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY

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