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Convulsions have been reported in association with tranexamic acid treatmentparticularly in patients receiving tranexamic acid during cardiovascular surgery and in patients inadvertently given tranexamic acid into the neuraxial system.

Some products that may interact with this drug includeblood thinnersanticoagulants such as warfarinheparindrugs that prevent bleedingincluding factor IX complexanti-inhibitor coagulant concentratesestrogenshormonal birth controlsuch as pillspatchring

The blood levels are increased in patients with renal insufficiencyTherefore a dose reduction is recommendedsee section 4.2

The drug has had limited use in pediatric patientsprincipally in connection with vand cialis. tooth extractionThe limited data suggest that dosing instructions for adults can be used for pediatric patients needing Cyklokapron therapy.

Cases of allergic reaction with use of intravenous tranexamic acidincluding anaphylaxis or anaphylactoid reaction have been reported that are suggestive of a causal relationship.

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