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The study found a greater reduction in cholesterol from using vytorin than in zocor alone.

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Information about Zocor.

Cholesterol carried in particles of low densityLDL cholesterolis referred to as thebadcholesterol because elevated levels.

The following drugs can increase your risk of serious muscle problems if you take them together with ZocorThese drugs should not be used while you are taking Zocor:

Take this medication regularly in order to get the most benefit from itRemember to take it at the same time each dayIt is important to continue taking this medication even if you feel wellMost people with high cholesterol or triglycerides do not feel sick.

Frequency not reportedHypospermiagynecomastiathyroid function abnormalitiesincreases in HbA1c and fasting serum glucose levelsAcid maltase deficiencythe genetic disorder also referred to as Pompe’s Diseasehas been revealed following simvastatinthe active ingredient contained in Zocortherapy in at least one presymptomatic patientRef]

Avoid drinking alcoholIt can raise triglyceride levels and may increase your risk of liver damage.

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also avoid using zocor if you happen to be pregnant as the drug could cause harm to the unborn baby.

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