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Sunday, January 8th, 2017


Every year the ATEQ (Association of Teachers of English in Quebec) holds a conference in Montreal for English teachers across the province. If you are interested in learning about the conference or perhaps attending, please visit

Technology that Facilitates Collaboration
Presentation Advice

Importance of Collaboration

  • What is collaboration?
  • Essentially it is the idea that "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" or synergy
  • Collaboration is intergrated within the education system; essentially all education is the product of collaboration
  • Dada example: Francis Picabia’s "L’Oeil Cacodylate"
  • Dada did to art what technology is doing to education
  • What is technology’s role in collaboration?
    • A Vision of Students Today>>
    • Literacy redefined: Decline of linear, conventional, print-based text and ascendancy of screen-based, non-linear, and image/multimedia-enhanced text. (Since 2005 students have spent more time reading online than offline.) What does it mean to read and write in the Digital Age? If we only teach conventional reading and writing what are the consequences?
    • A Whole New Mind or role of creativity, collaboration, empathy ("right-brain") skills in Conceptual Age
    • Henry Jenkins of MIT: "Confronting the Challenges of a Participatory Culture" Students expect low barriers to artistic expression, believe their voice should be heard, and believe in social learning. What are we doing to meet their expectations and what is the cost if we don’t?
    • Read Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody
    • MELS chart
    • PLNs: Personal Learning Networks becoming ever more popular. Those who learn to use PLNs properly gain emmensely
    • Technology that Facilitates Collaboration –

      • Google Docs
      • Google Wave
      • Wikis (wikispaces, PBworks, wetpaint)
      • Twitter, TweetDoc
      • Online Social Networks (Ning, Facebook, etc.)
      • English Companion (online social network for English & Language arts educators)
    • Edmodo (Twitter-like but better for classroom instruction)
    • Buzzword
    • Etherpad, SubEthaEdit
    • Mindmapping (Inspiration, MyWebspiration, FreeMind,, Gliffy)
    • VoiceThread
    • Glogster
    • blogs
    • Second Life, Teen Second Life
    • Webinars (Elluminate, Abobe Connect Pro, GoToMeeting, DimDim)
      • Wikipedia – Free online encylopedia that anyone can edit (Forces shut down of Microsoft’s Encarta, Is Britannica next? Happy MediumWikipedia vs Britannica, Brave New Wiki World)
      • iEarn Canada and IEarn Projects. Projects designed by teachers and students that involve a final product or exhibition of learning that has taken place as part of the collaboration.
      • Literary magazine project. A collaborative project between four schools with the goal of creating a literary magazine. See magazine details at
      • Student News Action Network. Students from six different international schools collaborate to produce an online student magazine. It’s an entirely student-run publication.
      • "Day in Life of Hobo" podcast . Tom Daccord’s interdisciplinary creative writing/historical simulation activity calls on students to research the plight of homeless teenagers during the Great Depression and then create a fictionalized account of a day in the life of a Hobo. Students are interviewed in character and recorded as part of a collaborative "1930s Radio Show" podcast.
      • Multimedia Magazine Project. Tom Daccord’s students collaborate to create a multimedia magazine that covers aspects of culture, politics, arts, music, and lifestyles from the 1920s.
      • Henry V wiki. Wiki on Henry IV Part 1 presented by Ms. Reid’s Green and Red classes at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, Massachusetts. Students collaborate to produce analysis, podcasts, video, "rap" song, and more.
      • Great Debate of 2008 Students from 8 different states come together on a wiki and Ning to write about and discuss issues related to the 2008 presidential election.

      Also, perhaps you can help with the presentation’s format. I have seventy-five minutes minutes for the presentation. Many of the participants in combining cialis and levitra. my presentation will be new to computer technology but open to learn. Include any suggestions you like.

      • Conceptual Framework:
      • Use technology to empower students to teach others in creative ways
      • bloom’s taxonomy & dale’s cone of experience
      • Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
    • When developing an activity, ask yourself:
      • Is it meaningful (curriculum & students lives)?
      • Is there an authentic audience (beyond the teacher’s eyes)?
      • Is it social (students collaborate)?
      • If activity is meaningful, authentic, social, and incorporates Web 2.0 technologies students will often do more than expected (Harvard research + anecdotal evidence —> students add wiki pages and videos in Great Debate Project without being asked. How many times have students asked you: Can I write another essay?)
      • It’s not about you; it’s about them. It’s not important that you "master" technology; it’s important that you are not afraid to jump in and support them
      • Use Prezi instead of Powerpoint
      • This presentation may be of assistance as it draws upon many trends leading to collaboration:
      • (Use to demo what a Wiki is and how it facilitates collaboration compared to traditional emails)
      • Show and explain some of the projects from iEarn Canada.
      • Find a 10-20 minute collaboration activity that teachers can do in small groups to demonstrate the power of collaboration. Collaboration Lessons
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